Pet Day 2022

BIS Basecamps

Pet Day is a BIS tradition that is designed to help your child share their home with school. Your child will be asked to share something about their pet, if you can help them prepare beforehand with a few responses to these questions:

  • What is your pet’s name?
  • What type of animal is it?
  • How long have you had it?
  • What are some of the things they love about their pet?
  • Are there any interesting stories of facts about your pet?

So what are the rules of Pet Day?

The session runs from 9.00am until 9.30am. If you are bringing a dog, please bring poo bags and food/water for them.

  • All dogs have to stay on a leash at all times
  • Any cats ( please consider not bringing the cat…they get so freaked out ) – they have to have a cage but they can be on a lead if they are lead trained
  • All pets have to be in a cage/tank or on a lead
  • If they can’t bring their pets please print out a photo of their pet to share
  • If they don’t have any pets they can bring a soft toy or a picture of the pet they would want

What Pets Can Stay

If they are in a cage ( apart from cats ) the pets can stay at school BUT:

  • Only child who owns the pet can open the cage and touch the pet ( no-one else can touch them )
  • Only pets that you are willing to allow your child to have out of the cage – if you don’t want them to open the cage it has to be ziptied before you leave the pet at school
  • The cage has to be secured with a visible and lockable latch
  • The food and water has to be checked by the parent

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