Annual Reports

In the interests of transparency, and to give community businesses and individuals confidence in partnering with BIS, here you will find our most recent annual reports are available for download.

  • BIS Annual Report 2021 (2020 data)

    Brisbane Independent School is situated in tranquil, rural Pullenvale and is one of the most successfully progressive primary schools in Queensland. For more than fifty years BIS has been responsible for preparing children to think creatively and collaboratively for a future in an ever changing world.

  • BIS Annual Report 2020 (2019 data)

  • BIS Annual Report 2019 (2018 data)

  • BIS Annual Report 2018 (2017 data)

  • BIS Annual Report 2017 (2016 data)

  • BIS Annual Report 2016 (2015 data)

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