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The Community Resource Centre links to all the downloads you might need as a BIS parent, and allows BIS to share information.

Almost everything is stored in the BIS Google Drive. As a BIS Parent / Guardian, your google authenticated email address will be added to the corresponding access. 

If you click on any of the below links and receive a notice that you’re not authorised to view please confirm you are logged in to your google account on the computer you’re trying to access documents from (e.g. the gmail address you gave the school).

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  • BISy Kids Booking Form

    Extension of School Activities, before 8:30am and after 3:00pm.

  • Cooking for Young Chefs

    In this website we will be looking at the basics of the kitchen and of cooking a variety of dishes.

  • After School Hours Supervision Agreement

    This agreement must be signed and followed for our community to maintain the precious afternoon play and community environment that we love after school. Parents and caregivers who sign this agreement must follow the practices outlined in the agreement and be aware of their responsibility to both keep their own child/ren safe as well as the safety of other children.

  • Understanding your early Diplomat Child

    Ego Development for Diplomat 2.5: recording of the Zoom talk from 2019.

  • Carpooling Map

    Thinking of BIS, but it's long way from home? Maybe you could carpool.

  • Finance Forms

    Application forms for early bond release and term tuition fee relief.

  • Community Fee Job Check in

  • Whole Community Meeting Agenda Form

    Add Agenda Items for upcoming Whole Community Meetings.

  • Principal’s Report 2019

    As Principal at BIS, there have been challenging years for us as a community. 2019 was one of those years. Our BGA plans for building changed, staffing upheavals that were either unexpected or unplanned and a busy time in policy, procedure and guidelines. But as always, we came out the other end stronger and wiser.

  • Stages of Moral Development: Egocentric 1.5 Overview

    A Concrete Individual is a flesh and blood human; the Concrete Collective is a Collective you can put a fence (Concrete boundary) around; the Concrete exterior relates to Concrete actions and Concrete physical development, such as brain development; and the Concrete interior relates to emotions you can see on the outside such as mad, sad, glad, etc., or is related to rules (shame as evidenced by feeling bad about breaking a rule, hurting someone, or damaging something).

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