BIS Olympics

The BIS Olympics is a gorgeous day to explore competition, personal bests and the joy of “giving it a go”. The day is multi age, with lots of the events with mixed age teams, is focused on courage and participating rather than “winning”.

We have optional competitive events for the Rule Conformists as they are ready to see their actions not as their only definition. Rule Oriented don’t have a competitive option. All the kids get a ribbon for participating so they end up covered in gorgeous colour!

Do they get separated by Age or Gender?

With our little cohort being so mixed in age and ability in each Basecamp, we don’t separate by age or gender. We value courageous participation across all events at the BIS Olympics – a ribbon for every event.

The Dolphins is the only Basecamp that participates in competition for the Cross Country and Sprints. Historically the Dolphins received a first, second or third place ribbon irrespective of gender. That was until two cohorts of Senior Dolphin girls (2018 and 2019) complained that it was not equitable. They argued that many other sporting events differentiated between men and women, such as the Olympic Games, because of the physiological differences between the bodies of men and women – adding that their bodies were changing with puberty! They presented a fair case, and place ribbons have been presented to boys and girls in the Dolphins for Cross Country and Sprints since 2019.

How can you help?

We ALWAYS need Help with the event with tasks like:

  • Making Ribbons
  • Helping cut up fruit
  • Setting up the stations for them to participate

Take a closer look

We BiS, and we know you’re going to love it too.