Future Families Playgroup

Get to know your school and community

There’s more to explore at BIS and just because you’re not ready to start ‘big’ school, doesn’t mean we won’t see you until you are ready to start!

Come and adventure through the playgrounds, experience hands on the leafy, green spaces and get to know your community.

BIS holds a closed weekly playgroup for current and future BIS families. The playgroup is operated by current parents and runs from Weeks 2-9 each term, but RSVP is a must!

We have found that children who are able to attend, particularly in the year before staring, experience significantly less separation anxiety that can sometimes come with transitioning to school full time.

Regularly attending helps your child familiarise themselves with the school, the staff and their future classmates making the transition to school easy!

Can’t wait until the playgroup to meet other families? Visit our Future Families Facebook Page and connect now!

Take a closer look

We BiS, and we know you’re going to love it too.