Enrolment Process

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  • Step 1 – Read about BIS on the website.
  • Step 2Book in for a tour with the Enrolments Officer, who will show you and your children around BIS during class time, so that you get a real feel for what BIS is like. At this tour, you’ll be given a prospectus pack with lots of information about BIS, as well as paperwork.
  • Step 3 – Lodge a Waitlist or Enrolment form.

Waitlist Form

If your child is more than a year out from starting prep, you will be emailed a wait list form once you have completed a tour. When that’s filled out and returned, our Bookkeeper will invoice you the wait list fee. Finally, when that fee is paid, you’re officially on the wait list!

Enrolment Form

If your child will be starting prep in the next calendar year you’ll be given the Family Profile and Application for Enrolment forms, usually this process starts to happen in Term 1 every year. Once they’ve been completed and returned, you’ll be invoiced for the application fee. When that is paid, the Enrolments Officer will be in contact to book you in for an interview. You may have an additional meeting with the Principal at this stage, to make sure BIS is the right fit for you.

Transferring from another school?

BIS is a small school with limited spaces. The first step for your child who is currently at another school, after contacting our office, is to book in for a tour with your family. If a placement is available, the Enrolments Officer will arrange for you and your child to meet with the Principal, who will help determine which classroom would be the appropriate fit.

If there is space available in that classroom, you will be invited to book your child in for a few Visit Days as negotiated with the Principal. This is a chance for your child to come and experience the BIS classroom for themselves. They spend a few days in class whilst you spend time on the grounds (as your child is not covered by our insurance). A week after that visit, we’ll be in contact to discuss what happens next. This could be the offer of an enrolment interview, a meeting with the principal to discuss things further, or the offer of another Visit Day in a different, better suited classroom.

If there is no space available in that classroom, you will be offered the option to remain on the wait list, and we will contact you should a position become available.

Then your child can come for a Visit Day and complete the same process as outlined above.

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