Fees Schedule

Our Fees and Charges are reflective of our small class sizes and high teaching staff to student ratio that we have at BIS. Each of our classrooms not only have a dedicated and highly trained teacher at the helm but a full time dedicated and enthusiastic teacher aide as well. We also have a dedicated full time support specialist that assists all classes and students.

This level of staffing enables personalised curriculum delivery to each student, but additionally focused social and emotional support and guidance as well.

Our fees and charges combined with State and Commonwealth funding allow us to deliver not only the Australian Curriculum but they also include martial arts and mindfulness sessions (currently Ju Jitsu and Tai Chi), text books, devices (basecamp dependent) and stationary.

  • Fees 2023 – Standard Enrolment

    Your fees are used with Commonwealth and State Funding to provide a highly individualised education for your child. The fees ensure that your child is provided with a high standard of teaching, stationary and materials as well as core textbooks, Ju Jitsu and Tai Chi, all to support their learning.

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