Curriculum Sports Programs

BIS has a different approach to sport than traditional education systems. Predominantly, BIS uses Tai Chi (Big Cats – Dolphins) and Jujitsu (Kestrels to Dolphins) to allow kids to develop a great understanding of their own bodies and fine and gross motor skills.

  • Jujitsu

    Shihan Mark Haseman (8th Dan) and Carolynn teach the BIS kids Japanese Jujitsu.

    During Jujitsu lessons they get to experience the joy of training in martial arts within the safety of the school values and environment. They learn valuable self defence, control and restraint techniques, sport Jujitsu techniques and the art of Jujitsu.

    The style of Tohkon Ryu Jujitsu has never watered down Jujitsu for children, but rather adjusted and adapted the skills for little bodies and developing brains, to make it work for them. It allows the kids who need to build their confidence with self defence techniques and the kids who need the contact sport aspect to practise this is a safe and controlled environment.

    Giving BIS kids an opportunity to train in martial arts, particularly Jujitsu, allows the students to experience a different form of physical activity, where they both recognise what their body, and what their training partner can handle. BIS teaches children that everyone is different in their bodies and minds, which aligns to Jujitsu and the understanding that each person has different tolerances to locks and controls.

    The Jujitsu offered at Brisbane Independent School is particularly unique as Shihan Mark grades the students throughout the whole of their BIS schooling. BIS is the only school Shihan Mark does this for. BIS kids get the full experience of being Jujitsu students by receiving the gradings they have earned.

    BIS kids love Jujitsu so much you will often find some continue their Jujitsu journey after their primary school education, and come to public night classes with Shihan Mark and Carolynn.

  • Tai Chi

    Shi Gong Jason with 30 years experience, of Brisbane Kung Fu explicitly teaches Tai Chi at BIS to help students improve their physical body through Chinese martial arts, expand their mind through research and training, and ultimately develop their spiritual body through qi gong, meditation and living the Way of Martial Art Zen.

    Brisbane Kung Fu is renowned for its expert tuition in Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Ji. With ongoing links to China and Taiwan, Brisbane Kung Fu has firmly established itself as a leading Kung Fu Academy in Australia.

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