Sarah Webber

Learning and Wellbeing Teacher

Sarah began working in disability support while studying to become an Early Childhood teacher, which she always wanted to be from a young age. Sarah became more and more interested in the special education sector and on graduating from University she began working at a residential school for children with disabilities. Sarah lived on site at the school and taught in a 24 hour curriculum where she worked with children both in the classrooms, but also in the community and on the large school site running life skill programs in the British Countryside.

Sarah went on to combine her love of early education and special education working with families in areas of the UK with limited resources and pursued her passion of working with the whole family running parent and baby play based developmental groups. On migrating to Australia in 2006 Sarah was part of a small group of educators and therapists who set up an early intervention centre. In between having her own children Sarah taught in Special Education Schools and Autism specific schools, but always felt restricted as a teacher in being able to support children with their learning within these systems. So to add to her educational training Sarah became a qualified counsellor and set up her own practice working with children and their families with a range of needs and offering various programs. In recent years, Sarah has been working with children who have become disengaged from school due to trauma, mental health and disability within the flexible schooling sector.  Sarah believes  in supporting the whole child  at a relationships based level and nurturing a child to believe in themself as the greatest thing an educator can do.  Sarah is so excited to be part of the team at BiS where her values are shared.

Sarah Webber
Bachelor or Arts (Education), Hons. Early Childhood (First Class), National Diploma (Childhood Studies), Bachelor of Science (Counselling), Graduate Diploma (Education)

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