Sarah Russell

Kestrels Teacher

Sarah is passionate about social, emotional and relational wellbeing and is a firm advocate of BIS culture and philosophy!

Sarah grew up on the East Coast of Scotland and moved to Brisbane following a 10 year clinical career in the National Health Service. Her studies have taken her on a journey through both science and medicine as well as holistic health practices, mindfulness and yoga therapy. She has always been fascinated by the body, its innate wisdom, capacity to heal, and its connection to the mind, and through this exploration she has worked in psychiatric, neurosurgical and brain injury rehabilitation settings where teaching and learning were integral to her role.

It was here in Australia that Sarah made the switch to education. Sarah’s realisation that equipping children with the coping strategies and resources to manage stress early on, can support more healthful life choices, improve access to curriculum and academic outcomes, and reduce risk of long term chronic ill-health conditions – the results of which she had been treating for many years.

"I love that the children call me Sarah and that we meet on a level. It’s so empowering for them to know that we are learning too. I made so many mistakes today and those teachable moments are the ones the Kestrel’s remember. There can be no success without struggle, only practice makes progress."
Sarah Russell
Kestrels Teacher
Masters of Primary Education
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