Toffee & Vanilla

Child Enrichment Support

When Toffee and Vanilla are not working in their primary roles of Support Staff to the Child Enrichment Officer they are living their best life, in tune with who they are.


Toffee’s mantra is “Know Thyself”; she is on an inner journey of self discovery and aspires to be a role model for all.

Toffee had everyone fooled as the meek and mottled younger sister of Vanilla until one day her adventurous spirit was unleashed: she headed for the Wild Lands beyond the BIS fence and spent a cool, calm eleven days meeting new friends, basking in the sun and eating whenever and whatever she wanted.

After her sabbatical, she returned to tell Vanilla of her daring exploits as an intrepid explorer. She now spends her days contemplating her memoirs The Tale of Two Toffees and Eat, Play, Love.


Vanilla loves her role as Support Staff and she is all about keeping life balanced by making good choices with healthy eating – she loves drinking lots of water (quite loudly!) – whilst enjoying the occasional treat.

With her long locks and bright eyes, Vanilla has the personality of an influencer with a gift of the gab. Vanilla is always up for a chat and is never one to back away from a large bowl of celery leaves (no juicing required).

Vanilla has been the poster pig for the benefits of celery. Here is a guinea pig that knows what she wants. Although she missed Toffee while she was away on her sojourn, she secretly loved the extra space, attention and celery…

Upon hearing about Toffee’s adventures Vanilla dreams of having her own insta page and youtube channel: What I Ate Today, which she might share with Toffee (but probably not).

Toffee & Vanilla
Child Enrichment Support
Certificate of Cuddles

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