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How parents and carers contribute to the school community

Families are encouraged to volunteer at BIS and all their contributions are valued whether big or small – from weeding in the garden to managing a team of other parents to get a project off the ground! 

Over the years, as one-parent working families have become less common and as parent time has been spread over many tasks and commitments, the opportunity for parents to offer as much time as the original founders did has passed.

Brisbane Independent School understands how important it is to foster relationships with parents, carers and the local community to improve students' learning and wellbeing outcomes, and assist students to understand their role in the broader world. We love and thank everyone who has volunteered, throughout the history of our school.

We understand that time with your family is precious and that work commitments impact the capacity of parents to volunteer at BIS. So, should you wish to volunteer you can choose to assist across a variety of disciplines.

Attend regular Working Bees and Whole Community Meetings to meet your enrolment community commitment and to also gain understanding and insight of current, past and future projects that BIS and our parent community are involved in. To help share what your family values, we encourage Parent Passion Projects, which are parent led ideas and initiatives – big and small.

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