Our Student Teams

Student leadership opportunities at BIS

BIS kids learn from a very early age about how rules and consequences impact on them and develop skills in facilitating conflict resolutions. During their senior years they begin to inspire younger students through a leadership approach aimed at healing rifts and building community.

Our Student Leadership team is made up of the Dolphins students, led by the Seniors – the graduating Year 6 students in the school. 

However, in every multi-aged Basecamp their are opportunities to foster and step into leadership. A broad range of skills are being developed and the underpinning value of BIS student leadership is integrity – this can be distilled into the old adage “practice what you preach”.

With guidance from the BIS teaching team, children at all levels quickly come to understand that they need to role model the behaviour they are expecting of others or else opt out of the leadership role – perhaps returning to it following some personal reflection and dialogue with their teachers and peers.

The Senior Leaders meet with the Principal and other students to talk over issues and discuss solutions to problems, update and create playground rules, as well as organising events. These opportunities also focus on learning leadership skills such as public speaking and conflict resolution.

Community Jobs – volunteer or Paid

The students are encouraged to contribute to the school.

Some students help at community and term events, others in the kitchen and some to organise sport. We have a currency called the BISmark that is used to pay students for extra jobs beyond the standard expectations – unprompted tasks like sharpen pencils, rake leaves or collecting left out sport resources. All of these jobs help the students to see that they are part of the community and to have an active voice within.

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