Brisbane Independent School

Teaching young minds since 1968

At Brisbane Independent School, our mission is to nurture, develop and trust in our pupils’ innate love of learning. Our goal is to produce graduates who are confident, competent and respectful: and to equip them with the skills necessary to lead and learn courageously.

BIS Classrooms

Each Basecamp has different teaching and learning types that best suit the age and developmental stage of the children in it - early years(Prep - Year 1), middle years (Years 2 - 4) and upper years (Years 5 + 6).

Our classrooms are multi-aged spaces where relationships are built over time. Students are in one classroom, or Basecamp, for a number of years and all students grow to be leaders in the room.

Each Basecamp looks slightly different to suit the age and developmental stage - however, all rooms have areas for direct teaching, collaborative sharing, individual calming and playing. Each of these are important for the development of young brains across the primary years.

We are all on Team BIS

Smart, passionate and engaged

BIS teachers have the same enthusiasm for learning as they inspire in the children. They are specially chosen for their expertise and skill in delivering evidence based approaches to teaching and learning as well as being able to recognising the talents and teaching needs of each child in their care. Staff work together to ensure all children are nurtured and challenged. We know all the children at BIS and as a team we are their 'village' of safe and supportive adults.

Courageous learning

The core of our values

Brisbane Independent School implements the Australian Curriculum through a broad range of active and engaging learning experiences, that make up our integrated curriculum approach.

The BIS Expedition Curriculum is based on the belief that learning is a social endeavour between the students and the adults in an environment that places focus on 'learning by doing'.

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