Brisbane Independent School

Teaching young minds to shine since 1968

At Brisbane Independent School, our mission is to nurture, develop and trust in our pupils’ innate love of learning. Our goal is to produce graduates who are confident, competent and respectful: and to equip them with the skills necessary to continue learning courageously.

BIS Classrooms

BIS kids graduate from one room to another when they are developmentally ready, not just because the year ends or they have a birthday.

Our teaching teams track student development along a range of developmental continua covering areas like academic, physical, socio-emotional and self direction.

This allows us to work out the optimal time for them to move to the new classroom setting for them to thrive.

We are all on Team BIS

Smart, passionate and engaged

BIS teachers have the same enthusiasm for learning as they inspire in the children. They are specially chosen for their skills in recognising the talents and teaching needs of each child in their care. Staff work together to ensure all children are nurtured and challenged. We know all the children at BIS, and love them all.

Courageous learning

The core of our values

Brisbane Independent School implements the Australian Curriculum, developed to better connect with the needs of learners as well as the adults who work with them.

The Expedition Curriculum is designed to stimulate a sense of powerful exploration for the learners at BIS and build in them a deep confidence in how to learn to achieve their goals.

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