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Where the magic happens: Our Basecamps

Our classrooms are multi-age spaces where relationships are built over time. Students are in one classroom for a number of years and all students grow to be leaders in the room.

Each Basecamp has different teaching and learning types that best suit the age and developmental stage of the children in it – early years(Prep-Year 1), middle years(Year 2-4) and upper years(Year 5-6).

Each Basecamp looks slightly different too, as each developmental stage has different needs and capacity for movement, focus and collaboration. However, all rooms have areas for direct teaching, collaborative sharing, individual calming and playing. Each of these are important for the development of young brains across the primary years.

Developmental Awareness - BIS educators understand that children at different ages and stages require different types of language, activity and relationships to meet the needs of their developing selves.

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In our classrooms, called “Basecamps”, students work with their educators, implementing the Australian Curriculum through direct training and instruction, through a broad range of active and engaging learning experiences, that make up our integrated curriculum approach.

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