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Where the magic happens: Our Basecamps

BIS kids graduate from one room to another when they are developmentally ready not just because the year ends or they have a birthday.

Our teaching teams track student development along a range of developmental continua covering areas like academic, physical, socio-emotional and self direction.

This allows us to work out the optimal time for them to move to the new classroom setting for them to thrive.

Graduation from one classroom to the next is a joyful and exciting experience, where the student feels empowered, involved in the process, and committed to the movement. Parents are key members of any transition process, and we look for feedback on whether the transition is going as expected, to speed it up, or slow it down.

Explore our Basecamps

In our classrooms, called “Basecamps”, students work with their educators, implementing the Australian Curriculum through direct training and instruction, developed to better connect with the needs of learners as well as the adults who work with them.

Each class has a starting out point of rich questions and themes to explore through discussion. The experience of training is designed to help the student gain the information and skills they need, so they can go on to their exploration. Learn all about our Basecamps below:

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