Our Values

The principles under which we deliver our mission

The BIS Values form the core of the decision-making for all aspects of BIS: students, staff and management.

The Values are therefore core content for our Expedition curriculum, underpinning the way we see the Australian Curriculum content and the basis for our Study of Self curriculum.

Brisbane Independent School Values Diagram

We accept that we are all part of a lifelong process of values learning. This process has three stages: from the self and expanding to include the wider world. Our innovative Expedition curriculum supports this process by exploring themes and developing our student’s understanding of themselves and their place within the world.

Primary-aged children struggle with the big concepts wrapped up in Values words, so we make sure that they live the experience of the Values in their daily world. The Values also sit as core to the way we make decisions on the budget, future planning and team direction.

Our Board may change and the curriculum be adapted, but these core values will always sit at the heart of the school.

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