Clean Air Classrooms at BIS

The BIS COVID-19 response

With the first term of 2022 underway, we worked behind the scenes during the school holidays to make our classrooms “Clean Air” safe for children and the BIS community as part of the BIS COVID-19 response.

Our approach has been:

To improve airflow through the classrooms by using the ceiling fans and natural airflow through doors and windows. In a true 1980’s school-disco moment, we’ve been using a smoke machine to test airflow patterns in each of the classrooms over the weekend to maximise natural airflow and ventilation.

In each classroom we’ve installed a CO2 monitor so BIS staff can keep an eye on things and make sure that the airflow is maintained, even on those calm and still days!

We’ve installed a total of 28 air purifiers (HEPA filtration units) across the current rooms in operation at BIS, with 7 more units on the way! These air purifiers (Samsung AX5500) are the same units that the Victorian government has been installing in public school classrooms* as part of their proactive response to minimising COVID-19 spread in the classrooms. The HEPA filters add an extra layer of security by filtering out tiny particles from the air and reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses in the classrooms**. Depending on the size of the space, each classroom has between 3-7 units operating quietly in the background to keep the classrooms “clean air” safe.

By installing HEPA filters and CO2 monitors in each of the classrooms and creating guidelines for our teachers and staff, BIS is leading the way in schools across Queensland in response to the ongoing pandemic, with the aim of keeping the BIS community safe moving forwards into 2022. Please feel free to reach out to Lochie ( if you have any questions!

* The Department of Education and Training Victoria selects Samsung AX90T air purifiers as part of safe return-to-school plan
** Two Samsung AX5500 units reduce 99% of aerosols in just ~5 minutes.

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