Book Week

Book Character Dress-Up

Students can dress-up as their favourite character from a book. Bring the book in so we can share the stories together and discuss why we like that character so much (Ensure the teacher and your child know that this book is separate to the Books to be Swapped).

As always with these events at BIS, never stress about spending money on hiring or buying costumes, encourage the kids to make it work with what you have at home.

Book Swap

Students can bring a book or books (no more than 5) and swap them with another BIS Kid. We will support them through this process with a cooling off table.

Encourage them to consider bringing books they think people will like but aren’t so precious they can’t part with them. This is always tricky.

Indigenous Literacy Day

Indigenous Literacy Day usually falls around the time of Book Week and we like to take the opportunity to raise funds by asking of asking our community to open their hearts and wallets, and to donate a gold coin for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation as part of our Book Swap Event.

Indigenous Literacy Day encourages all Australians to engage in Indigenous languages, stories, peoples and culture at this time.

2021 Date: 1st September

Website: Indigenous Literacy Foundation

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