Toy Day

The Purpose of Toy Day

Term 1 has a big focus on connecting your child back into BIS, both the physical site as well as friends and teachers. To support them in this we have a number of Home/School connection days in the term that are designed to encourage them to share safely with their Basecamps.

What Happens

Each Basecamp may have their own variation of this plan but generally it runs along these lines:

  • All toys come out of bags as soon as you get to school and are stored in the classroom where staff have directed,
  • A block of time will be designated for a Show and Share about the toy,
  • Toys go back into the classroom spot until pick-up time, not back in their bag,
  • Depending on the toys, the cohort, the basecamp, lunchtime may be when the toys come out but it may also be too risky so they may only be able to share them in the room; this will depend on the basecamp.

How do we prepare?

To prepare for the Show and Share you could help your child with telling their basecamp some basic information about their toy:

  • What is its name?
  • What does it do or how is it used?
  • How long have they had it?
  • Who gave it to them? ( if they know )
  • Why do they like this toy so much?

For Dolphins they may take some questions from the “floor” but for the other basecamps the questions are pretty limited.

Things to Consider

Don’t send along something that is fragile and so precious that your child will never forgive themselves if it breaks

Consider the appropriateness of the toy for their basecamp. Some students may be more than capable to handle the toy but others may accidentally hurt it.

We are trying to not glorify war so trrryyy to not send along anything violent.

Take a closer look

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