Kerri Sparkes

Business Manager

Kerri’s mantra from the time she started as the Business Manager at BIS in 2016 has been “this is the best job I have ever had”.

Now that is saying something given she has had so many different jobs and worked in so many different industries not only in Brisbane but different parts of Australia and overseas. BIS is a combination of all that she loves – working with a fantastic, fun and dedicated team of staff, being involved with a community that is full of interesting and diverse thinkers, interacting with the much loved animals of BIS, being in the not for profit sector, working in an absolutely beautiful leafy campus and most importantly sharing each day with the most wonderful, interesting and eclectic bunch of children that are at the centre of what happens at BIS.

She feels every minute spent working here goes towards growing the fantastic, curious, passionate big thinkers of tomorrow that will make the world a better place.

“It is simply a dream to work in the accounting area where success is not measured by a profit and loss, but by how well the children are doing.”
Kerri Sparkes

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