BIS Teachers setting a “Gold Standard” for teaching

Did you know that less than 100 years ago Jean Paul Sartre (1964 Nobel Prize winner for Literature) and Simone De Beauvoir (writer, social theorist, existentialist philosopher) both competed to become teachers?

The teaching profession was held in such high esteem it was a natural progression for an academic to get a job in a school whilst working on their theories. Back then, it was the job for a life-long learner and a professional thinker.

Fast forward 100 years and you will find that at Brisbane Independent School, “life-long learning” and “professional thinkers” remain common mantras at this top private school in Brisbane.

“Teaching, educating and assisting in the development of the next generation of leaders is something BIS takes very seriously” explains BIS Principal and Teacher, Jen Haynes.

“We expect our teachers to be of the highest standard: a Gold Standard.”

BIS teachers engage in fortnightly and monthly training sessions in Compassionate Classroom practice and in applying the Integral AQAL model.

The team is dynamic and utilises the collegial culture to problem solve together, share resources and provide feedback and encouragement on individual and team innovations.

BIS’ innovative teaching model is a key part of the pedagogy (method and practice of teaching). The pillars for this are the “7 Keys for an Integrative Classroom” developed by the BIS teaching team. These keys are:

Key I: The Responsive Learning Environment

Key II: Relaxation And Tension Reduction

Key III: Movement And Physical Encoding

Key IV: Empowering Language And Behaviour

Key V: Choice And Perceived Control

Key VI: Complex And Challenging Cognitive Activity

Key VII: Intuition And Integration

BIS teachers are working with Independent Schools Queensland to develop research programs that harness this classroom practice to improve student self-development outcomes.

“To be a better teacher and implement new strategies, you have to research, plan and think” says Jen.
“BIS teachers will be spending time observing each other’s practises to further develop the existing collegial culture”.

This research process is part of Brisbane Independent School’s ongoing commitment to having all teachers exhibit Highly Accomplished, or Lead Teacher status on all the Australian Professional Standards for teachers.

This research process is all part of the school’s commitment to have all teachers exhibiting Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher status on all the Australian Professional Standards for teachers.

The BIS pedagogy and philosophy demands a high standard of personal and professional development from staff; this process allows the teaching team to benchmark themselves against external measures of excellence.

“We have already identified the exceptional baseline standard our staff are at, so this process will just be providing a final stamp on our existing accomplishments,” says Jen.

This model of teaching further cements the school’s philosophy of education for the purpose of developing a well grounded child who can develop into an adult capable of achieving his/her hopes and dreams.

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